cycles & explosions, vol. 8


cycles & explosions, vol. 8


Everyday Objects With Faces Are Awesome

When you walk around and look at everything around you, chances are, you may see a face. It may be human, it may be an animal, but sometimes you can see faces in inanimate objects. This is called Pareidolia: Seeing faces in random things!

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"Dare to love every person, including yourself. Become the energy of love."
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Career Choices

"Cornered and questioned again. In a technical world of black & white, the discomfort of my decision is palpable."

Written a year ago while contracting for a previous employer. They wanted me back, with a promotion at that. As much as I loved the people, I knew it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t put my finger on why though. Just a gut feeling I went with, no matter how much sense it didn’t make to my colleagues. So, I opted for unemployment. The funny thing is, here I am a year later and ‘unemployed’ again. But now I have more clarity on what I want and how to achieve it :)

Side note: I found the above written in a notebook. I perused my old posts to reblog it with commentary, but all I could find was evidence of how much has changed in a year. Hah!


Art By Autumn Skye

Body Language, Heart Speak :

telling the story of a romantic courtship, celebrating the sweet details… A painting series created for “Expose Yourself: Erotic Art Show” 2011

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Alessandro Fantini
david lynch
altar of thermite
psyches peirata
memories of dreams
the great menarche

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"I loved you before I ever touched you."
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That awkward moment when I bear shows more humanity than some humans.

The bear literally has no reason to do this other than kindness.

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